Your partner in independent health research, socio-economic analyses and environmental economics

Institute of Applied Economics and Health Research ApS (ApEHR) is an independent organization specialised in:

  • Epidemiology studies, Registry research (real life data), PASS studies, Health Technology Assessments and outcome research
  • Patient reported outcomes measurement and Quality of Life studies (PROM/QoL) 
  • Economic, health economics and societal impact analyses of business and policy

We bring intellectual integrity, academic rigor, and a creative approach to developing solutions to our clients' scientific, financial, medical or environmental challenges.

  • We conduct studies throughout the life-cycle of a product
  • We access real life data from registries in the Nordic region to analyse clinical practise
  • We apply scientific tools to describe the dynamic development of diseases  
  • We demonstrate how industries can create shared value and affect society through socio-economic impact models
  • We offer a huge network within epidemiology, economics, health research, clinical practise, QoL, PROMs and the pharmaceutical industry 


September 2017

Register studies of diabetes treatment arouse method discussions


June 2017

Danish registry studies are in worldclass - but threatened


May 2017

Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes

Prof. Anders Green gave an invited presentation on the epidemiological results from the Diabetes Impact Study in connection with the Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes, held May 19-21 in Nyborg(DK).