Besides leading a workshop on the Nov 6th 09:45-10:45 on Nordic studies based on Nordic pooled data (W19): “Nordic Registries in Safety Studies and Outcome Research”, we will have an oral presentation with Anders Green regarding: “Hospital Costs Before, During, and After Diagnosis of Five Cancer Forms in Denmark During 2014” (ON3: Nov 4th, 16.15-16.30). Furthermore, ApHER will have 3 posters: PND69: “Costs of Multiple Sclerosis in Denmark: Informal Caregiver’s Perspective” and PND70: “Narcolepsy Treatment in Sweden: Register Based Study” will be presented at Research poster session 5 (Nov 6th, 9.30-14.00), and PDB98: “Are Danish National Reimbursement priorities worthwhile for Patients? An investigation using the discrete choice experiment” will be presented at Research poster session 3 (Nov 5th 10.30-14.00).

If you are interested in coming in contact with us, please reach out to Martha Emneus, Anders Green, Peter Gerhardsson or Thomas Fast.