We take a multidisciplinary academic approach to your challenges

As an independent research organisation we ensure our services contribute to increased interaction between research, industry and the society at large.

For each specific project we build multidisciplinary teams that will develop trustworthy and sustainable solutions from both a scientific and commercial perspective. We offer all relevant competencies and a unique approach to investigate epidemiological, economic and clinical aspects of health care. Our multidisciplinary teams are the backbone in our independent research, which delivers peer reviewed documentation. The team members will be identified from the extensive network of academic and industry professionals who contemplate our partners and affiliations' partners.

We offer access to the latest science which can be translated into new innovative interventions to the benefit of both research, industry and society.

Innovation and partnerships

We continue to develop our technology further to encompass a broader range of aspects, including comparative health technology assessments related to various types of interventions.
We continuously seek partnerships with international research groups and relevant organizations to further develop our multidisciplinary approach and include more therapy areas.