Unique registry-based health research

In the Nordic countries we can retrieve information from both national patient registries on a individual patient level and from a number of quality registries and clinical databases, which have been built over the past decades. Registry studies are a cost and time effective alternative to prospective clinical investigations. 

Nationwide registries include:

  • Patient registries
  • Hospital activities' registries
  • Prescription registries
  • Death registries
  • Cancer registries

Over the years ApEHR has conducted major registry studies covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK covering both sensitive register data requirements and anonymized register data. We are currently responsible for projects based on data approved by the National Health Agency (Denmark), THL (Finland), Socialstyrelsen (Sweden), REK (Norway) and NHS IC and ONS (UK) involving Civil Registration Systems, National Patient Registers, Cancer Registers, Cause-of-Death Registers and Medicines and Prescriptions Registers.
Our partners and associated partners are experienced with handling register data and well acquainted with the Data Security and Research Services of Statistic’s Denmark.