Our team is comprised of a diverse and multi-disciplinary group of distinguished epidemiology experts, clinicians, healthcare professionals and economists who share a deep interest in studying and improving healthcare and socio-economic business impacts. Our network of experts span leading academic institutions.

Anastasija Komkova
Mobile: +45 2881 7307
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Anastasija Komkova holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics from University of Copenhagen and is specialized in natural resource economics and European Climate policies including the Emission Trading System. Currently Anastasija works as a consultant at ApEHR and has an experience in a policy evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment and economic modelling. Particular areas of interest include waste management, circular economy, energy efficiency and climate change. Furthermore, Anastasija is strong in econometrics and statistical analysis.

Anne Wind
Project manager
Mobile: +45 5370 3100
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Anne Wind has 10 years experience from the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked as Clinical Research Associate, Sr. Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Project Manager within MSD Denmark and also as Clinical Project Manager within MSD Scandinavian Region. During the time she has worked with clinical research, molecular profiling and epidemiological studies within several disease and therapeutic areas as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, asthma, HIV and different types of cancer.  The studies have varied from small studies to international Mega Trials and varied in design and formulation of the study drug (eg. tablet and vaccine studies). Anne holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Bente Bassett
Project manager
Mobile: +45 2931 9722
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Bente Bassett, Independent consultant, Cand.Scient.San., BA Gender, Culture, Technology, Diploma in Nursing Management.
Bente has more than 20 years of experience in project management having been Education Director for 7 years in Novo Nordisk A/S and from working in and with the primary and secondary health care. All the projects she has been involved in are characterized by having many partners i.e. directors, managers, clinicians, political institutions, patient organizations and patients. Key focus for the projects has been to achieve results by managing, facilitating and coordinating all processes. Bente has in Novo Nordisk A/S among other things been project lead in the Danish part of the global DAWN study (Diabetes, Attitudes, Wishes and Needs) and the global DAWN Youth study. At the former County of Funen Bente has been lead for several projects such as the development and implementation of “Dialogue” (a diabetes database for primary and secondary care and for patients), the implementation of a new pedagogical method at diabetes schools and the preparation of standards for prevention and treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers.
Bente has also great experience in strategy development, as a teacher in communication skills and in many areas of Diabetes, where her interests are both in the physical and psychosocial areas.

Dr. Manuel Carballo
PhD MPH DiSP, Executive Director, International Centre for Migration, Health and Development (ICMHD)
Mobile: +41 78 742 8938
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Dr Manuel Carballo is an epidemiologist and Executive Director of the International Centre for Migration, Health and Development (ICMHD) in Geneva.  He was trained in the UK (Leeds) and USA (Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and CDC).  He is a Professor of Clinical Public Health at Columbia University in New York and an Adjunct Professor of Public Health at Tulane University in New Orleans.  He has served as an advisor to the EU and Council of Europe on migration and health and has led a number of new research and policy initiatives in Europe in recent years on migration and communicable and non-communicable diseases.  Prior to joining ICMHD he worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in a number of countries to improve access to health care.  He was responsible for the WHO International Study on Breast Feeding and then coordinated the WHO/UNICEF International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.  In 1986 he was one of the three-person team chosen to establish the WHO Global Programme on AIDS (GPA) and remained with GPA until 1992 as Chief of Behavioural Research.  During that time he was responsible for helping a number of countries in Africa to set up Nationals Commission on AIDS.  In 1993 he went to Sarajevo as WHO Public Health Advisor until the end of the war in 1995 after which he continued to serve as an adviser to the Minister of Health of Bosnia on primary health care and health care reform issues.  He joined ICMHD in 1995 and since then he has been responsible for a number of major reports on migration and the changing nature of public health in Europe and other parts of the world, with a view to reducing inequalities.  He has led health evaluation/planning missions to Albania, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, and the occupied Palestinian territories.  In 2005 he led the UNFPA recovery mission following the Tsunami in the Maldives and has continued to work with WHO/SEARO on health development.  In 2011 he helped to establish the Hepatitis B and C Public Policy Association and is an advisor to ECDC in the area of viral hepatitis.

Lis Puggaard
PhD, Associated consultant, Part time professor/lecturer at University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Lis Puggaard is a senior researcher and consultant with 20 years of experience within public health, physical activity and ageing, exercise on prescription. Shehas vast experience in project management, organisation, evaluation and impact assessment within the health and research sections. She is a highly qualified researcher and university teacher, her experience being acquired from assignments and postings at national and international universities, university colleges, sports organisations etc. She has vast experience in providing consultancy to private enterprises, municipalities, regions and authorities especially on healthcare issues, such as rehabilitation, preparation and implementation of healthcare and health policies, evaluation of public health efforts and analyses of needs and possibilities in the healthcare sector. 
Through her multi-faceted assignments, she has gained thorough insight into coordination and dissemination of health issues at all levels. She has a solid experience in cooperating with external stakeholders and across different professional environments. Mrs Puggaard's professional experience includes project management and projects undertaken for the European Commission, DG SANCO and DG research. She holds a Master of Science and a Ph.d. and has been Head of Applied and Clinical Exercise Sciences (ACES), at university of Southern Denmark as well as Principal Investigator in several intervention studies and first author of a number of scientific articles. Furthermore, she has been member of several advisory boards as e.g. Team Denmark; Centre of Ageing, SDU; The Danish Gerontological Association.

Simone M. Hede
Project Manager 
Mobile: +45 22167200
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Simone started working with ApEHR in 2016 initially as a research assistant, and progressing through to project manager in 2017. Her main area of focus implies project management in health research - especially within PASS (post authorization safety studies/ phase 4 studies), Market Access and follow-up studies across the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland). Through the work, Simone has acquired great project management skills and depth in knowledge concerning the pharmaceutical industry as well as drugs and adverse effect. In addition, she is board member at the patient association for cancer patients with late effects (Senfølgerforeningen). Simone holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from University of Aalborg, where she has specialized in health promotion and disease prevention.

Thomas Fast 
Mobile: +46 70368554
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Thomas holds a PhD in Economics and is specialized Health Economics. He has an extensive experience regarding policy question since working with the Swedish national guidelines for diabetes, anxiety and depression. In addition, Thomas has also worked with the Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis (Myndigheten för Vårdanalys) when evaluating how new pharmaceuticals are introduced in Sweden. Besides looking at the Swedish system, Thomas conducted an international comparison to identify and possible implement good examples in Sweden. At ApEHR, Thomas mostly work with market access and pricing strategies. In addition, he is also a recurring lecturer at Lund University, Sweden and the secretary of the Swedish Health Economics Association. 

Lill-Brith von Arx
Senior Consultant 
Mobile: +45 60819425
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Lill-Brith von Arx has 12 years of experience from the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. She has broad, technical knowledge on the conduct of clinical and epidemiological research across the development cycle from R&D through the commercialization process from positions held in Denmark and Switzerland. At Novo Nordisk A/S she has developed the quality framework for real world evidence programs and headed up regulatory projects on drug and medical device policy compliance. She has a MSc in Human Nutrition, specializing in infant nutrition & epidemiology, and holds a PhD from the Centre of Health Economics, University of Southern Denmark. During her research, combining clinical registry data with the development of tools for patient health preference assessment and health-related quality of life, she collaborated with the Duke Clinical Research Institute, NC and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, MD. Her expertise is to position and manage large-scale scientific projects to generate high-quality evidence meeting business, regulatory and health care system needs. 

Michelle Skovmøller Lysemose
Student Assistant
Mobile: +45 22373745
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Marianne E. Kasten 
Mobile: +45 2750 7885
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