Martha Emneus, Managing Director
Mobile: +45 2340 1183

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Martha Emneus has more than 20 years experience as an economist from the pharmaceutical industry, energy sector and as a consultant. During the last 8 years she has worked primarily with health economics and diabetes globally.
Together with University of Southern Denmark she was leading the work to develop epidemiologically/register based health economic studies of the cost of diabetes in Denmark, Bangladesh, India and Sweden.
She has worked extensively with bridging analysis and communication of socio economics and health, developed socio/health economic foot print concepts, as well as a variety of "Economic Bottom Line" articles, access to health articles/report and a number of business cases for social responsibility and access to health.
Martha has extensive experience ranging from business controlling to research analyses in energy and environmental, feasibility studies primarily in Russia and Central Europe, business consulting, corporate social responsibility and health economics. Martha holds an M.Sc. in Economics and a BA in Russian language.


Stefan Björk, Scientific Director
Mobile: +46 76 016 2094

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Stefan has more than 25 years experience from the pharmaceutical industry (as employee and as consultant) working mainly with diabetes globally. Studies have been set up in e.g. India, US, Sweden, UK, and Argentina. Other fields of experience are migraine, growth hormone deficiency, epilepsy, pain, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. The focus has been health economics, quality of life, pricing of pharmaceutical products and building 'national disease programmes'(for diabetes). He has also worked with 'public affairs' with NGO's (non-governmental organisations) in Brussels.
Stefan is a member of several organisations within the fields of health economics and related areas such as public health, health policy etc., and he is a member of the board of the EuroQol Foundation. In the last years he has worked with 'access to health' and 'equity' issues in the area of health provision. One focus has been immigration and access to care. Stefan have published heaped 80 articles and (edited) books. Stefan has a Ph.D from Lund University (1988) where he served as professor at the medical faculty from 2006-2009 .


Anders Green, Scientific Director
Mobile: +45 4088 7775

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Consultant, Center for National Clinical Databases, South at Odense University Hospital and Professor, Odense Patient data Exploratory Network (OPEN), University of Southern Denmark. Anders has about 30 years of experience from clinical work and research in the health care sector. His main fields of competence include clinical approach to the assessment of health problems, epidemiology and public health research methodologies. Indicators in relation to quality of care, construction of clinical databases and associated modules of analysis for reporting from clinical databases and systems for epidemiological monitoring, forecasting and integration with 'public health appraisal' in general (the 'BOX'-model) are selected examples of outcome of Anders research. Disease areas include chronic diseases, particularly cancer, diabetes, renal failure.


Birgitte Holt Andersen, Partner
MSc. Econ, PhD, Partner CWare
Mobile: +45 5383 5761

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 Dr. Holt Andersen - a skilled economist with MSc and PhD in Corporate Strategy - has more than 25  years of international experience working with and for the EC, ESA, EIB, EEA, OECD, ESO as well as private industry alongside a solid project management experience. Dr Holt Andersen has extensive  experience in conducting strategic and structural assessment of industries, policy impact evaluation  and assessment, feasibility studies, scenario analysis, cost benefit/socio-economic analyses as well as strategic business plans - particularly related to R&D, large infrastructures, space applications and environmental issues.

 Through her employment with the EC and later as Chief Project Manager, Dr. Holt Andersen has  extensive experience with European policies from leading assignments for various DGs in particular  DG REGIO, DG MOVE and DG ENV as well as EIB/Jaspers. Furthermore, Dr Holt Andersen acts as an  external expert for the EC Research Framework Programmes and as evaluator, rapporteur and  reviewer for both FP6 and FP7 projects (Themes: Environment and Space). 


Kristian Bolin, Partner
Professor, PhD, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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 Kristian Bolin holds the chair in health economics at the University of Gothenburg. The chair is connected to the Centre for Health Economics at the University of Gothenburg (founded in  2011). One of the main objectives of the centre is to facilitate collaboration between clinical researchers and researchers in health economics. Kristian has more than 15 years of experience in health-economics research spanning academia, government and industry at a national and international level. His academic health-related  research entails extensive collaboration with medical researchers. As a consultant to  government and the  pharmaceutical industry he has been responsible for, for instance, advanced health-economic modeling, cost-effectiveness analyses, cost-of-illness studies and literature reviews. Kristian has also been responsible for several health-economic  analyses prepared as  part of drug reimbursement applications.