Who we are

ApHER is an independent academic research organization and partner of the EnCEPP network. ApHER has provided evidence based research for decision making in the health care system, medical device and pharmaceutical development policy since 2009. We are your long term trusted partner.

We conduct research and analyses which will provide decision support in issues with clinical, economic, ethical or policy consequences. We develop your ideas and address your business challenges using the tools, technologies and models from medicine, economics and statistics.

Our Research model

We bring intellectual integrity, academic rigor, and a creative approach to developing solutions;

– We conduct studies throughout the life-cycle of a product

– We access Real World Data, RWD from registries in the Nordic region to analyse clinical practise

– We apply scientific tools to describe the dynamic development of diseases

– We demonstrate how industries can create shared value and affect society through socio-economic impact models

– We offer an extensive network within epidemiology, economics, health research, clinical practise, QoL, PROMs and the pharmaceutical industry

ApHER collaborates with EasyTrial

ApHER collaborates with EasyTrial which is a software company from Aalborg that has specialized in delivering an online SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to Danish and foreign scientists and doctors for management of all processes within medical clinical trials. The system is developed by Danish medical doctors with research backgrounds.

Together, ApHER & EasyTrial are doctors and scientists with hands-on experience in conducting trials and studies on all levels both in academia and the industry. We’re using a unique combination of knowhow and technology. We can help you combine market data with real world data from Nordic health registries. We believe that interdisciplinary skills are essential to grasp the complex nature of scientific studies and business.