The History of ApHER

ApHER [‘a-fur]  or Institute of Applied Economics and Health Research Aps (ApHER), is an independent organization. ApHER conducts research and provides strategic consulting services within Economics, Health and Epidemiology, Quality of Life measurement, Ethics and Sustainable Development. We work within a network of academic and industry professionals in Denmark, the Scandinavian countries and the UK. During the last 10 years we have been part of initiatives in the industry and at the universities to develop clinical-epidemiological research in relation to the increasing network of registers and clinical databases established in the Nordic countries. In the last 10 years we have performed several observational multi-country studies (PAS) based on Nordic registers.

In 2015, the inclusion of the Belgium company CWare was formalised to strengthen our portfolio of services within cost benefit analysis, socio-economic research, innovative business models, circular economy, Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), market strategic analysis and exploitation strategies within environmental, space and R&D sectors.

About ApHER

ApHERs mission is to bridge the gap between theoretical ideas and challenges in the healthcare sector, by building documentation and argumentation for your strategy

We bring intellectual integrity, academic rigor, and a creative approach to developing solutions to our clients’ scientific, financial, medical or environmental challenges.

  • We conduct studies throughout the life-cycle of a product
  • We access real life data from registries in the Nordic region to analyse clinical practise
  • We apply scientific tools to describe the dynamic development of diseases
  • We demonstrate how industries can create shared value and affect society through socio-economic impact models
  • We offer an extensive network within epidemiology, economics, health research, clinical practise, QoL, PROMs and the pharmaceutical industry

As academic research organisation and ENCePP partner, ApHER combines scientific rigor and methodological expertise in all our projects. We work against ethical and legal frameworks applicable in the fields in which we operate. As part of our academic research commitment we engage in the development of national and international standards. ApHER works for continuous improvement of the methods we apply.

Extensive knowledge from our international network

We collaborate with partners within industry, the health and medical fields including academic institutions, authorities and medical experts. We have a broad network in Europe and the Nordic region.

ApHER is a partner to the ENCePP Network and authorised as research institution by Statistics Denmark. We collaborate with a network with solid experience in multi country register analyses:

Richard McNally, Director, University of Newcastle, Institute of Health and Society, Spence Institute, UK
Kristian Aasbjerg Andersen, MD, Managing Director, Easy Trial, Denmark
Annette Kjær Ersbøll, Professor, Institute of Public Health, Copenhagen, Denmark
Knut Stavem MD, Akershus University Hospital, Norway

The partners in our extensive network collaborate closely with:

  • National Swedish Diabetes Register
  • Official nationwide health registries under the Danish National Board of Health
  • The Danish National Diabetes Registry
  • The Danish Cancer Registry
  • The Danish Registry of Hospital Based Activities
  • Official Danish nationwide clinical databases including
  • The Danish Lung Cancer Registry
  • The Danish Nephrology Registry
  • The International Centre for Migration, Health and Development
  • The University of California/Irvine
  • The University of Sydney
  • University of Oxford
  • The Danish Technical University (DTU)

Our ApHER network also includes close collaboration with other registries in the Nordic countries. ApHER is part of networks with organizations which focus on pricing, pharmaco-economics, quality of life and outcome research (iHEA, DIA, ISOQOL, ISPOR, IDF HE group. Selected ApHER members are associated with Lund University, University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen and partners of ApHER have collaboration with researchers within the Euroqol group.

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Our team

Peter Gerhardsson, MSc, MBA
Peter Gerhardsson, MSc, MBASenior Consultant
Anders Green, MD, Dr. Med Sci., Professor
Anders Green, MD, Dr. Med Sci., ProfessorSenior Consultant
Martha Emneus, MSc
Martha Emneus, MScSenior Consultant
Kristian Bolin, Prof. Health Econ.
Kristian Bolin, Prof. Health Econ.Senior Consultant
Simone Møller Hede, MSc
Simone Møller Hede, MSc Project Manager
Karoline Møgelvang, stud.scient.san.publ.Student Assistant
Anne Wind, MSc
Anne Wind, MScProject Manager
Laila Mehkri, MD, MPH
Laila Mehkri, MD, MPHProject Officer